Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CD Review: Pet Shop Boys - Yes

Originally published in the Chautauqua Region Word 6/25-7/08/09 Issue

Pet Shop Boys - Yes

Yes is the tenth release by Pet Shop Boys. The 18-year old band has created an album that has a familiar, yet fresh sound. Overall, it plays like a soundtrack for happy hour at the local gay bar. You could dance to it but you prefer to just listen while enjoying your drink before heading home to your not-yet-legally recognized husband who is waiting with dinner on the table. It's fun, but it's grown up.

First single and opening track, "Love Etc.," off the new release is instantly recognizable even though you've never heard it before. The album begins with a statement about the things we surround ourselves with to make us happy when maybe we just need love.

A clip from Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker" lends a demented edge to the otherwise anthemic, clap-along "All Over The World."

Neil Tennant has filled Yes with songs like "Did You See Me coming" that cause one to simultaneous smile and cringe: "..I think I'm starting to believe in fate because it delivered you.." Hopefully we all experience that crazy delight of falling in love and the unabashed lack of cynicism that causes rational people to start presenting their friends with metaphorical daisies in their bliss.

Mix in a few songs with a political bent and Yes tidies itself up nicely. It's an accessible album that PSB fans will enjoy thoroughly.

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