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Ye Olde Mix Tape

For about a month, I've been iPod-less. I have my iPod. It works just fine, but it and my computer don't talk anymore. I tried mediation, but they weren't having it. I've threatened arbitration, but since they're computers they just laughingly spit back a bunch of zeroes and ones. The current theory is that the USB ports aren't type 2 and, therefore, I'm out of luck until I get those fixed. Matt seems to think I need a new computer. I think it's just a mad ploy to get another computer in our house. At some point we're supposed to become a dual operating system household when a tech friend gifts us a Mac. But I digress...

The lack of iPod has led to less music listening at work and more cassette listening in the car. I've found mix tapes going all the way back to 1992. My latest find was the first summer mix I ever created in 1994. It starts out with Erasure's cover of the Cole Porter tune "It's Too Darn Hot" before moving onto "Lemon" by U2, "Wild Night" by Van Morrison, "Hey Hey" by Eric Clapton, "Jackie Wilson Smiles" by Van Morrison, "Me & Julio Down By the School Yard" by Simon & Garfunkle and several others.

For one of my first themed mixes, it was pretty chill. I'd like to go back to my 17-year old self and shake my hand. Other mixes I've found aren't as consistently good. I had a penchant for destroying a decent groove of R.E.M., The Cure, and Nirvana with some horrid ballad by Bryan Adams or Kenny G. When I come across those mixes, I want to sit my 15 or 16-year old self down for a serious talk. At least the habits of my youth bring some sense to my occasional clicks on gems by Barry Manilow or James Taylor to add to my music library.


Twilight said…
FYI an Ipod will work fine (just slower) over USB-1 ports.
Julia said…
Right.. it used to work just fine with my computer and suddenly stopped working one day. I reinstalled drivers and the whole kit and kaboodle. Our techy friend thinks it might be a power issue. That would be the best case scenario right now.
Twilight said…
That's probable, seeing as Ipods require a high power USB port...but to charge, not to transfer (if the Ipod is already charged up, of course). Guess that might specifically depend on your model though; I still use a mini.

I vaguely remember you having this problem for a long time now (you were talking about it when I last checked in). But I can't think of what else could be the issue unless it's hardware based. I assume other USB devices work on those ports, and you've tried System Restore a long time ago...

I prefer Firewire myself, although I've always had non-powered ports. It's just been around forever and isn't buggy. You could perhaps get a Firewire/IEEE 1394 card (slot or PCMCIA version depending on if this is a desktop or laptop) and connect it that way. If it doesn't work, you could return the card/PC(MCIA) card. I guess you could also try a USB-2 port card, for that matter...

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