Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Bug

I've got a little bit of the Spring bug going on. Between the flowers coming up, trees leafing out, and it being Spring Pick-Up weeks in the city, the urge to do a massive clean up job on our house has settled in for a visit.

A few years ago, a friend of mine got me into FlyLady.net as a way to not only get your house clean, but to keep it clean. I've adapted it for my own life, but still like to reference it when the Spring Cleaning buzz hits.

Part of the reason for the buzz is that we once again have a boat load of weddings ahead of us this summer. This means a few less weekends to keep up with stuff. My goal is to get the house in guest ready order before the next wedding (June 20th). This means new shades hung, sconces hung, painting/mirrors hung, yard put in order and garden planted; guest rooms bedding washed and changed over for warmer weather; summer clothing sorted (tossed) and switched over; and the usual dishes/laundry/straightening up. It'll be a challenge with other stuff on our schedule but the level of relief of having it done and in an easy to maintain state is something I look forward to attaining.

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