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Just The Wind?

Last summer, I was honored to not only provide music for the wedding, but also lend Jade my wedding veil after her future sister-in-law melted her own wedding veil in an ill advised attempt to iron out the wrinkles.

When I handed my veil over to Jade the week before the event, I jokingly cautioned, "Now, my grandmother made this veil for me. If anything happens to it, she will not only haunt me, but you as well."

We laughed and Jade reassured me that nothing would happen to the something-borrowed item.

The wedding day in June was hot. Fortunately, it was cool in the Hall of Philosophy where the ceremony was held at Chautauqua Institution. Everything went pretty smooth. After group shots at the Hall, Jade and Dave took off with the photographer to get some pictures around the Institution grounds.

I don't recall if it was a particularly windy day. But both Jade and Dave did find it odd that when they went to pose for their picture in front of the Miller Bell Tower, which is directly on Chautauqua Lake, that the wedding veil suddenly swooped straight upward. The photographer snapped a picture right at that moment. At the reception, Jade confided that she wasn't sure if it was a freak gust of wind or if maybe my grandmother was having a bit of fun.

The veil came back in fine shape. I've lent it to my cousin, Rachel, who will be wearing it for her wedding later in June. I'm also providing the music for that wedding. I've already joked with Jade that I'm wondering if my grandmother might provide further amusement with some veil antics.


3carnations said…
That's a great picture!

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