Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Smallest Things Can Conquer

I've reached the age where any allergies that have lay dormant for most of my life are waking up to wreak havoc. I saw this happen when my own bubble boy, Matt, entered his 30s. His doctor explained to him back then that as we get closer to 40 until about the age of 60something, our allergies kick into high gear because our immune system is working better than ever. I had great hopes that I wouldn't be too susceptible. How soon I forget!

When I was in high school, both my violin teacher and my mother determined during a lesson that I would not be going to school the next day. I remember gazing back with a sad, exhausted look as I reached for another tissue to save my nose from dripping down my face. It was May. Maple tree pollen lightly dusted everything. Fast-forward to last year. This was the first time I had the need to try taking Zyrtek since high school. Oh wondrous drug! I could breathe! I quickly forgot about allergies for a couple seasons. Then Easter came. Safe to say, I've been consistently on Zyrtek since that day, aside from missing a day here and there. I spend my mornings in a Zyrtek-induced fog, finally feeling somewhat normal around 10am.

Damn tree pollen. And yes, I do recognize the irony, and humor, of being allergic to trees when I work for a Parks Department.

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