Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sconce Project

Since we have a mostly free Saturday, I decided I better get the last of our wall sconces spray-painted so the dining room could be another step closer to done.

First, I put on face mask in some attempt to keep dust and fumes from doing me in anymore than allergies already have. Then, I roughed up the brass with sand paper I found laying around in our basement. After wiping down the sconce with a rag to remove dust I put some painter's tape around the light switch on the front of the sconce and taped down the wires in the back.

After donning some rubber gloves and shaking up my can of textured Rustoleum, I held onto the sconce where the light bulb is screwed in and made even passes over the fixture with the spray paint. When I was satisfied that I couldn't see shiny yellow brass winking at me through the paint, I carefully set it down on an old dish rack to dry.

The last picture in this set is of a sconce I had finished last year.

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Pamela said...

i love that color blue. and also the sconce. very nice.

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