Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Consume iPods

Without warning, my iPod decided to do a non-connecting to computer trick on Sunday. It was still perfectly usable, but my computer and iTunes decided they didn't want to be friends anymore with my little silver devil (also affectionately called "Music In My Head").

Since the last thing I wanted to do was call tech support, I started hunting around the support pages of Apple, trying out all the trouble shooting suggestions for my issue. Nothing worked. With a heavy sigh, I placed my order for service. A nice guy called me back in less than a minute and became equally frustrated after we tried everything else I hadn't thought of. Unfortunately, this involved setting up my iPod to go through the restore process, which requires it to be hooked up to my computer, but my computer doesn't recognize it, so the silver devil will be headed to Apple to be fixed or replaced. And because it's in "restore" mode, I can't listen to it either.

Good thing my friend Tom has given me about 5 mix CDs in recent months, so I'll have something to listen to at work for the next week and some.

I should note that I think this is the third time I've had to send an iPod into Apple to be fixed. The previous two times, they had to replace my iPod. I assume the same will be true here. I'm really trying not to think about how much I'm going to miss having my iPod. I rely heavily on it to keep me sane during the work day, on road trips (FECK... what am I going to do on the way to Pittsburgh this weekend???? FECK!!!!), and for random occasions when asked to play "dj" on Thursdays. Ugh.

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i812many said...

You can buy one of those cheapie MP3 players at Big Lots for $10. I think they are 1 gig ones. Not great but it would get you through the trip to the burg

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