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Cravings and Logic

I've had a bountiful crop of cravings this week. Many women know what this feels like at least once a month. For some reason, I fixated on doughnuts this month. I was particularly craving Tim Hortons. When I went to bed thinking, "Oh god, a sausage breakfast sandwich would taste amazing right now. If I got the meal deal, I'd get a doughnut too!" one night, it was no surprise that I found myself putting the turning signal on to pull my car into the long line of cars for the Tim Horton's drive-thru lane.

I'm not sure if it's just a Western New York phenomenon that lines for Tim Hortons must stretch beyond the normal drive-thru lane and into on-coming traffic. I've heard of police being needed to help guide traffic in parts of Buffalo. This winding line is the main reason I'm able to resist caloric temptations on my way to work each morning. However, no line would deter me when my cravings are kicked into high gear. But wait, somewhere logic flared up and I realized I should just park my car and brave the line inside the store rather than let my car idle behind the other Tim Horton fanatics. I grabbed a spot not too far from the front door, walked inside, and saw... no line. While people needing caffeine glared behind the steering wheel inside a snaking line of cars that were now seeping into the turning lane outside, I had two registers to choose from inside to place my order. Oh joy and happy day!

My decision to park my car got me to work about 10 minutes earlier than normal and I was able to enjoy my breakfast craving before the phones started ringing off the hook to signal the start of the work day. One craving satisfied. Now I just have to figure out how to fend off my continued desire for doughnuts the rest of this week so my waistline doesn't explode.


Galoot said…
I've definitely gotten in line at the Harrison Ave location, but usually park on the 2nd Street venue. Never formed a habit for waiting too long for their coffee (which isn't worth a long line IMHO) and bagels though.

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