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Keep My Baby Runnin'

It wouldn't be a New Year if I didn't have some drama where my baby is concerned. I'm referring to my Tercel, naturally.

Three years ago, a mechanic tried to sound the death knell. Last year, I had a laugh when it passed inspection with no problems. This year, my car isn't passing inspection without a fight.

Tomorrow morning we're taking it to a mechanic who manufactures his own car pipes. There, we hope he will remedy the exhaust situation that requires an exhaust system replacement in order for the car to begin its trek toward passing inspection. After that, the catalytic converter sensor needs to be replaced. If the paperwork I got from our regular mechanic is correct, there's various wires and plugs that need to be replaced as well in order to achieve that happy little sticker that says my Tercel is roadworthy.

Price tag on all of this? We're told the exhaust work and sensor fix will start the bill at $500. Just the exhaust work alone was quoted at almost $900 at our usual garage. They gave us the referral because of the cost. The owner, Ray, also recommended that I consider replacing my car since it has over 189-thousand miles. Financially, this is not an option right now. The goal right now is to either obtain a much better paying job so we can take on a second car loan or to continue praying over my baby until the current car loan is paid off.

I may need to employ some sweet talking and play my version of happy music on the way to the garage tomorrow. I'm thinking my old copy of Viva Hate will make it remember its "youth" and feel sprightly again.


Makkaio said…
Yeah...or Viva Hate will make it break out the razor blades and slash its fuel line for the slow bleed. Man, you just don't know when it's appropriate for Morrissey, do you? He's not the cure for EVERYTHING!
Mr. Nighttime said…
I just dropped close to a grand on my 2002 Saturn, but it needed it. Of course, when I got the price quoted, it made me want to commit seppuku...
Pamela said…
Friends of mine have a 95 Corolla hatchback/wagon that is in good shape that they are selling for $2000. Let me know if you want their info.
NickDean said…
Hope it all works out. Nice VIVA HATE reference... I get it now after having read yr review!

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