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Ring Ring.. This Is Your Wake Up Call


Julia: "Hello" (pours another cuppa tea)

Julia's Body: "Hi. Wow. You answered."

Julia: "'Sup? You caught me on a break. Working on some things here. Laundry, practicing.. you know. The usual."

Julia's Body: "Yeah, I know. That's why I called actually. I'm a little concerned that you've been pushing it lately."

Julia: "Oh I know. It's been busy you know. I'll give you a break soon."

Julia's Body: "You always say that and then you take on something new. Like the new violin thing this weekend.."

Julia: (interrupts) "Right, right. I'm doing just ten to 15 minutes of holiday music before the Lucia Program at First Lutheran. Then I'm done with violin stuff until January. I promise."

Julia's Body: "Well, it's not just that. I mean, hooray. Performance #20 over a three month period. It's not just that. It's some of the mid-week late nights out with friends. It's the drop off in eating well. It's not dealing with work-related stress. And we won't even begin to discuss the fact that I know you have a bunch of holiday related stress."

Julia: "Um. Yeah. I still need to do some Christmas shopping. And our trip to Rochester before the holidays. I also need to finish that article-slash-review on "The Sounds of The Smiths" for Nick. Oh shoot! Peanut brittle. I think I have more people to make for this year. "

Julia's Body: (sighs) "That's it. Here's a severe warning." (Induces revolt in Julia's sinuses in the form of stuffy head/runny nose/draining) "There. Get some rest and settle the fuck down!"


Went to bed at 8pm last night and got up at 8am. I'm keeping my commitments for this weekend, but I'll be laying low around town for awhile.


Lamont said…
Thanks for playing your music this weekend, but take a break soon!

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