Friday, December 26, 2008

Flutie Flakes at Wegmans

Look what Wegmans has for sale! I feel like I stepped back into the 1990s when I saw these.


Kevin_H said...

Seriously?! WTF!!!?!!?!

Tom Mazur said...

I wonder if they'll taste like they're leftover from the 90's

maze8 said...

I saw the display the other day...and I wondered if those flakes were packaged in the 90's...and how they would taste today.

Makkaio said... least explain to your readers why the display was up. As funny as it was to walk into that wall of Flutie Flakes, the mystery was uncovered right on the box.

It's the 10-year anniversary of Flutie's Foundation to Fight Autism. Wegman's teamed up to sell the flakes with the proceeds going to his charity.

Don't you all feel bad now? Don't cha?

Kevin_H said...

Yeah, I feel really bad now. Because autism has such a d-bag representing their cause.

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