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Impromptu Unofficial Surprise Party

Last night turned into something entirely different from what I was expecting. It's not unusual to find me and Matt at Forte on a Thursday night. We got into the habit of going out on Thursdays some years ago when our friends wanted to partake in the wings/beer special over at The Cherry Lounge. Since Forte has $2 pints of Southern Tier on Thursdays, we shifted our gatherings there over the last two years.

Last night, the crowd was pretty light. It was just me and Matt chatting with Nick, who was bartending, and Shannon, who had just finished her bartending shift. I mentioned to Nick that he needed to listen to the Cyndi Lauper/Hives Christmas duet, and it was too bad there wasn't a way to hook my iPod into their sound system, otherwise he could hear it then and there.

"Well we can do that," he replied.

"What? You can play my iPod in here?" I responded somewhat incredulously.

"Absolutely!" he stated.

Without waiting for another word, I grabbed my keys, skated across the frozen streets and sidewalk to our car, got my iPod, and carefully scurried back to the restaurant.

For the next few hours, my iPod provided the soundtrack for the night. Shannon took charge of "spinning" whatever she found that she liked. It was fun to sit back and watch someone choose songs from my playlists and gratifying to hear people say, "This is awesome! This is on your iPod?? I love this song!"

I think my favorite point in the evening was when "Kiss" by Prince came on after a lengthy Smiths/Morrissey set. The bar kinda went nuts. I haven't had that much fun in awhile. It ended up being a late night, but it was worth those few hours I probably should have already been in bed.


Lamont said…
I need to stop in at Forte some Thursday soon!
Call me...
NickDean said…
Great reacap! But you misquoted me!

Not really, but I distinctly remember repeating the phrase: "If only we had the technology" over-and-over again. Ha.

Wasn't mocking you or anything. Serious. Just a funny phrase that stuck in my head given your query and the whole situation.

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