Monday, November 10, 2008

Questionable Music Purchase

Mr. Nighttime tagged me to reveal one of my more embarrassing music purchases.

I'm very torn. See, I will admit that I've made many questionable music purchases when you bring so-called "taste" into the works. In fact, I shall share a short list of purchases I have made as an adult (aka over the age of 18):

- New Kids On the Block: Greatest Hits (Because sometimes you need to hear "Cover Girl")
- Debbie Gibson: Greatest Hits (Because She RULES)
- Spice Girls: Spice Girls (Bought for a dance I DJ-ed in college)

Before the age of 18, some of my hard-earned allowance went to these gems:

- Milli Vanilli: Girl You Know It's True (bought on vinyl in Eaton Centre in Toronto while on a field trip with Science Club in 7th grade)
- Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl (First CD purchase I ever made)

I tag Matt, Heidi, and Alison to share.

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