Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well Intentioned Baking

While I was at "Peter Pan" rehearsal last night, Matt thought he'd surprise me with a birthday cake when I got home.

I was re-writing my news scripts when he appeared in the office doorway holding a lasagna pan that looked like it had something burned inside.

"I tried! I really did! You're just a better baker," he said as he tilted the pan toward my mystified face. The craggy surface undulated with chocolate frosting and chocolate cake.

"It tastes good though! You gotta try it," he pleaded as he noted the skeptical look on my face. Dutifully, I did and it was tasty, if not a little interesting texture-wise.

So thank you to Matt for his best attempt at making me a birthday cake. The day was made a lot brighter by him and all my friend's well wishes. Thank you!

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Pamela said...

Sometimes you have to give credit for intentions. Even if you have to choke a little before you can talk.

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