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30 Rules To Live By After Turning 30

The Frisky posted a great list yesterday about rules for women over the age of 30.

I liked it so much that I couldn't just share the link (see "Julia's Shared Stuff" section to right).

1. The real mistake is not making amends as soon as you realize you’ve made one.
2. A (legally obtained) sleep aid like Xanax works wonders on long distance flights.
3. Wait at least two weeks after a break up before scheduling a haircut.
4. Cut everyone a little slack; none of us is perfect.
5. Even a fabulous sale won’t make the wrong size fit any better.
6. Laughing at his jokes beats cooking skills, hand’s down.
7. The “friend zone” is where the most promising boyfriend material hangs out.
8. Black is more slimming than a grapefruit diet.
9. Recycled trends only work if you weren’t old enough to wear them the first time they were popular.
10. Gay men make the best girlfriends.
11. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is for women what duct tape is for MacGyver.
12. When people tell you their flaws, believe them.
13. If his profile picture looks like it was taken in the ‘80s, it probably was.
14. Don’t ask if you look fat if you can’t handle the truth.
15. A job interview is the only time self deprecation won’t work in your favor.
16. She who says the least knows the most.
17. If he only sees you after dark and won’t introduce you to friends or family, he’s an FWB (Friends With Benefits), not a BF…no matter how many months you’ve been sleeping with him.
18. Giving a good BJ beats cooking skills, hand’s down.
19. Thou shalt not drink and text.
20. In three months, everything will be different.
21. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.
22. Find joy in the simple things.
23. Creativity is a hot commodity, so charge (and pay) accordingly.
24. The larger your frame, the larger the pattern should be.
25. The person who tells you everything about everyone is telling everyone everything about you, too.
26. Be open to change, but never compromise your values.
27. Remember that what you want isn’t always what you need.
28. Living well isn’t the best revenge, a great haircut is.
29. Great love and great achievement require great risk.
30. Great sex does not.


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