Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where Is Julia?

It's not September. It can't be!

Ever wake up and realize you're not really sure where you've been for the past three to four months? When people have asked me how my summer has been, they've been met with a blank stare and, "Um. I know I've been doing stuff. I think I've been at a lot of weddings."

How many? Just three. Which resulted in attending 2 bridal showers and 2 bachelorette parties. Then there was a baby shower last weekend just to mix it up a little.

I seem to recall a garage sale. When I look around the house, I start to question whether we got rid of enough stuff.

It's been a whirlwind. Honestly? I'm not in a very happy place. We've done our best to make the most of the time we've had with friends and family, but it's taken a lot out of both me and Matt. Now that September is truly here, we are completely worn out physically, mentally, and fiscally (if that's possible).

Of course it doesn't stop here. Looking forward over the next three months we possibly have another wedding, Local Music Showcase this weekend, 2 concerts that I will perform in, 2 alumni weekends (one I have to schedule radio shifts for), an out of town trip for work, and at least one trip up to the ROC. I can hear Matt screaming, "Make it stop!!!"

I do love my blog. I love that I have a cell phone that allows me to post pictures to my blog so I don't entirely neglect it when traveling from one end of the state to the other. I won't give this up, but I have a feeling there will be other things I have to start saying, "NO" to in my life.

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battlemaiden said...

Boy do I know exactly what you mean. Pretty soon it'll be Christmas. ACK!

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