Thursday, September 11, 2008

Local Music Showcase Wrap-Up

Pictorially, you've seen below what music acts I caught over the course of Local Music Showcase. It was a crazy, fun time. However, I wasn't prepared for the auditory overload that began to set in around the third venue. Still, I managed to have a good time and keep warm against the suddenly chilled night air.

On Sunday, Matt and I were the first set of presenters for the Chautauqua County Music Awards & Hall of Fame Show. I had never presented before, and felt a little deer-in-headlightish when we got on stage. I'm told we did just fine even though we were flying by the seat of our pants while we waited for the award envelopes to appear for us to read. The mash-up bands all were awesome! Plus, I dug that the show was over and done with in a 2-hour period.

For other's experiences and lots of videos of the music performances, check out the two threads from the Chautauqua AMP below:

LMS Stories


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