Monday, August 18, 2008

Fitter. (Un)Happier.

I occasionally get coupons for free underwear from Victoria's Secret. I almost always redeem them because, hell, it's free underwear that I'd be buying anyway. Well, the coupon not only offers a free pair of underwear but $10 off any bra. It's the store's way of trying to make some money and I was game on Saturday. It's been awhile since I bought a new bra and I've always been partial to VS's style.

I made a beeline over to one of the new lines, Ipex, that I've wanted to try out. By that time, at least two sales associates had swooped in to ask if I needed assistance. I grinned to myself as I thought, "Well, I need support, but of the wire and fabric variety." I know. Terrible.

I'm not convinced that one of the sales associates knows what she's doing when it comes to fitting bras. I tried on a bra in the size I currently wear and found it was too tight where it hooks which also caused the cup of the bra to pull too tight. The associate's solution was to go up a cup size, but not the around size. We tried this repeatedly until she was trying to tell me I needed a DD in a bra size. Now, my girls are a nice size but they are definitely not DD's. Hell, they're not even D's! I gave up on the sales associate and started mixing and matching different size bras and cup sizes. I gave up after the 15th bra. The line just didn't fit me right.

At least I got a free pair of underwear.


Anonymous said...

You might want to look up professional bra fitting in your area. For years I was wearing a very uncomfortable 36B because that's what the Vicky's sales rep said I needed. I got fed up and went to a specialist (at Nordstroms) and now wear a very comfortable 34D (I'm not huge either!). Check on because that's where I found the link to a website that lists businesses that provide this service. I can't tell you how much better I feel wearing the right size. It even seems to help your posture!

skb said...

Didja get yer crazed kitteh?

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