Monday, August 11, 2008

Capitalizing on Productivity

I've had this mad rush of productivity that came over me on Saturday and still seems to be in play today. I think it's hormone-related, but am doing my best to run with it while it's here. Accomplishments? May seem ordinary, but when you consider I was at a bachelorette party from 4:300pm until 3am-ish on Saturday (woke up on Sunday around 10:30am), I think this is a good list:

- Upstairs bathroom cleaned
- Downstairs bathroom cleaned
- Kitchen cleaned, including floor
- Five loads of laundry washed, folded, and partly put away (I don't put Matt's clothes away)
- Grocery shopping completed
- Made a tomato-cucumber salad
- Did the news (for Sunday)
- Took cans back for refunds
- Took care of the compost
- Some general straightening downstairs

This has carried over to work, too. But that's helped by the fact that my boss is out of town this morning at a meeting so it allows me to get some stuff sorted, including finally being able to use his computer for some bank stuff. It's a good Monday so far! I'm not looking forward to the big crash that I know will come in a day or two.

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