Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adventures in Feeding a Family

I mentally ticking items off the list in my head of stuff I need to take care of on lunch. My father-in-law is having major surgery right now. Because of that, I offered to have the family over for dinner so that no one had to worry about starving to death or subjecting themselves to hospital cafeteria food.

Of course, when I offered I didn't know that I might have about 10-12 people stopping by to eat. And of course, my in-laws have excellent appetites. Since I'm such an awesome cook (note sarcasm), I will be making chili in a crock-pot. I can only do a double-batch, so I've already started brainstorming how to stretch to make sure no one goes hungry. Because, as you may know, that is the ultimate sin for a Polish woman.

Between my brain and suggestions from Sabrina (thankyouverymuchyouRAWK!), I think we're going to pick up a couple $5 Little Caesar pizzas to go along with the chili, French bread and whatever frozen vegetable I find in the freezer to cook up. I have visions of a salad too, but I'm not letting myself get too optimistic since I haven't done a wilted-leaf check in a few days. Dessert? Um. It's so lame since I do bake okay, but time and sanity resulted in me picking up a box of Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars. I told Matt that I'd buy another box and if anyone complained they could f*ck themselves. I was kidding, of course. We laughed. It's good to laugh.

Wish me, but mostly my father-in-law, luck!

Addendum: Surgery went very well!

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Mr. Nighttime said...

Here's hoping your FIL is ok...

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