Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Road Trip

As you can see from the pictures below, Matt, Hector, and I got out of Chautauqua County for a few hours yesterday and headed straight for the waterfront in Erie, PA.

We took a look at the reconstructed version of the Flagship Niagara, grabbed a bite to eat at Smuggler's Wharf, then walked around Dobbins Landing where I spotted Rum Runners from a viewing platform. We sipped a few drinks there and people watched until the sun started setting. Since I was the designated driver at this point, I insisted on finding our way back to Peach Street so we could get gas and a Krispy Kreme. Yes, I'm still obsessed about the fresh version. I tried to order two, but the drive-thru window girl was playing the part of "Julia's Conscious" because she only gave me one (only charged for one).

I want Emma to know I invoked her name a couple of times, especially when Matt and I mused about doing another mini-holiday in Erie sometime. That most likely won't happen until next summer though with how crazy our schedules are into the Fall. I can't believe it's been five years since that last holiday.

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Emma said...

Drop me a line next time you're coming to town...I've got tons of suggestions on what you can do, especially if you're looking for good restaurants. And don't waste your time at Krispy Kreme. When in Erie, you MUST partake of Mighty Fine Doughnuts.

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