Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kill With A Kiss

So I almost made my husband go into anaphylactic shock tonight.

I had gotten some sushi from Wegmans because we were doing our own thing for dinner while Matt buried himself in school work. It was a spicy roll which includes cooked shrimp.

I had just finished eating when Matt emerged from his office and came downstairs to find more beverages. We chatted as I rinsed out the sushi tray and put it in the recycling bin. Then I gave him a big kiss before he was about to head back upstairs. I rummaged around the fridge for something when he cried out, "Oh no!!"

"What?" I asked, looking around the kitchen to see what was causing his anxiety.

"You had sushi!" he said, frowning.

I stared at him, "Yeah. So?" I frowned back and then realized what he meant, "OH MY GOD! Are you okay????"

He immediately went to the sink and started rinsing out his mouth with water from the tap. Then he went upstairs, calling down to ask if we had any Listerine. When I answered in the negative on that one, he came back down looking unhappy.

"My lips are tingly and my tongue is swollen a little," he said.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't even thinking," I pleaded.

"No. Don't worry. I wasn't either. I even watched you clean up the stuff too," he said.

And that, folks, is how I almost unintentionally killed my husband tonight.


Mr. Nighttime said...

Lemme guess - Shellfish allergy, and you had some shrimp sushi? Well, I would get started on that larger insurance policy for him, and next time, have a nice lobster dinner... ;-)

Glad he's ok, and if he does not carry an epinephrine pen, he should, or at least a supply of Benadryl.

CityStreams said...

Dang! You're lie a vampire.

Luis Baars said...

Wow, that's some bad allergy. Glad he's ok.

Mr. Social said...

I was lead to believe that the only thing that hurt him was Kryptonite.

Good to know. Thanks for the scoop. I am putting this in next week's "Legion of Doom" Newsletter.

Julia said...

Mr. Nighttime: He does have an epi pen, but he rarely carries it. He can't take Benadryl because it doesn't work right with his system.

I'm married to allergy-boy, but I love him all the same. I do get on his case about life insurance though (winks)

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