Friday, May 23, 2008

The Gyrosphere Is Gone!

As I clicked through the D&C this morning, I decided to check out an article about Seabreeze Amusement Park. Little did I know that one of my favorite childhood memories had been erased from the park's landscape. The article mentioned a new, fabulous ride for this year. My smile slowly disappeared as I looked at the accompanying picture and determined that this ride seemed to be located at the same site where the Gyrosphere had whirred around for years. I quickly went to Seabreeze's main site and pulled up the park map.

Folks, I am saddened to inform you that The Gyrosphere is no more.

This ride carried such musical memories for me. A sad day this is. I offer this video in remembrance of a once great ride:


NickDean said...

Sad. It's been a long while since I was last at Seabreeze.

Luis Baars said...

Oh, I am so sad. That was one of the coolest rides at the park. Being a former ride operator who worked there for 3 summers, I should know. Let's just hope they never get rid of the Bobsleds.

skb said...

I've lived in Rochester for 14 years and have never been to Seabreeze.

Um...unless you count the parking lot during a Ghost Walk one Hallowe'en.

Norman said...

The Gyrosphere remains one of my fondest memories as a child. My father worked at Kodak in their heyday so he'd get discounted tickets all the time and we would go to Seabreeze at least twice a summer in my youth (I grew up in the '80s). What made the Gyrosphere so special for me was the fact that it was one of two rides my dad would actually get on with my mom, my sister, and me (the teacup ride being the other). We would have such a good time. I'd ride with Dad and my sister rode with Mom. We'd speed around in that dome with all the pictures on the walls and that adrenaline rush music blasting. I remember it now even as I write this and feel nostalgic all over again. It's still one of my favorite amusement park rides anywhere and I've been to many parks with gimmicky or ultra-fast attractions. There are better rides out there, but just remembering my dad, now deceased, sitting beside me in that pod, will keep it near the top of my list forever.

Randy said...

WHAT? First they burn down the carousel + arcade + fun house, resulting in the original GyroSphere dome melting from the heat. They made a crappy replacement, and for a couple of years the music was alright, but then they changed it to a crappy laser light show. I remember the "Fire On High" and "Twilight Zone" (2 Unlimited) music with pictures of gore, monsters, dead mutant babies, and the statue of liberty ending. Those were the days. I heard WCMF mention the song Classical Gas being played on the GyroSphere?? DOes anyone else remember that? I don't.

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