Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring Clean-Up

I know that dirty little four-letter word could crop up before the end of the month, but right now I'm soaking up this awesome Spring weather as much as I can. My way of soaking it up is by drawing energy off of it to get organized and clean house. Naturally, I like to use technology where possible.

  • Google Calendar has a feature that allows me to sync with my work calendar. This means no more forgetting about business meetings and showing up to work in a more-casual-than-I'd-like outfit.
  • Matt and I did the post-snow yard clean-up and have found a system to keep up with it on a daily basis
  • We also changed our banking system around to match up with how we want to handle our finances. We needed a better system to save money and pay bills, so in another few weeks we'll have a good idea about how this is working. I should post the full story there when it's all set.
  • The warm weather has helped indoors as well as I tackled the kitchen Saturday as part of my "super clean one room every week" strategy. I've also made a habit of making sure stuff is picked up regularly around the house so I don't feel overwhelmed. This has included setting out laundry baskets for each type of laundry (delicates, whites, darks, towels, etc.) so I can see when a load needs to be tossed in.
  • I'm doing better with managing mail, but need to get back into my office to finish filing. That includes creating new files for our new banking stuff. I'm not a fan of filing.
  • Of course, the green grass outside is prompting us to think more greenly too. After years of being a major slacker and bad environmentalist, I set up containers for our recyclables in our entry way. It's not pretty, but at least more than just newspapers will be recycled now. When you consider how many plastic water bottles we go through a week because of Matt's chlorinated water issue, that's a big deal.
  • On top of this, our lap-top's power supply has kicked the bucket so I haven't been tethered to this wonderful time-sucker as much as I was for the past year. I can't say I miss it except when it comes time to do news scripts and I have to bug Matt to quit playing his game so I can use the computer.
That's the start of it! I'd like to thank my binge viewing of How Clean Is Your House? that I record every day for getting me in the habit of keeping clean. Matt laughed at me when I stood in the kitchen Saturday and play-acted, "Oh Aggie! It's really lovely in here now, isn't it? Take a whiff! Marvelous!"

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