Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Read As Much As You Can

My apologies to Emma, but I have to steal a blog topic and give it my own spin.

As an only child, I grew up with books as some of my closest friends. My mom is a voracious reader, and encouraged me to be as well as soon as I could figure out what those printed letters stood for on paper.

Trips to the mall always included a stop by any store that sold books. Garage sales were even better because we could leave with bagfuls of old Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden mysteries.

Around the time I was in third grade, my mom bought a book while we were doing some shopping at Midtown Mall. I didn't take much notice of it until we got in the car. After I buckled up, she handed me a bag saying, "This is for you." I pulled the book out and studied the cover with curiosity. It featured an illustrated baby hanging out of the "O" at the bottom of the title, which said, Where Did I Come From? - The Facts of Life Without Any Nonsense and With Illustrations.

I tried not to gape at the pictures of the naked man and woman, including the scene where they were shown making love. Yes, the book used this phrase. I poured over every page. "So THAT'S how it happens!" I thought to myself. A couple years later, we all got the less exciting explanation about reproduction in six grade science class.

I was glad my parents gave me that book. I think we've used books a lot to handle uncomfortable topics between the three of us. Sometimes it works. In this case, it was successful and I still have the book. A friend of mine used it in a skit for a drama class in high school. Something sticks in my mind that she got in trouble for it. Maybe she'll leave something in comments for all of us.

As a post-script, I should note that the illustrious author of that book, Peter Mayle, also wrote a series on life in Provence that I discovered a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. Just funny.
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3carnations said...

Lucky you. My mom gave me "the book" when I was 14. A little late methinks.

Emma said...

No apology necessary! I'm glad you decided to join in. Aren't books great? Especially the ones with illustrations. ;)

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