Friday, April 11, 2008

Bespecled Beauty

I love glasses. Some would say it's almost a fetish. I've had friends whom I met when they did not have glasses on. Then days or weeks later, they would show up somewhere with a set of rims around their eyes. I would find myself doing a classic double-take and once over.

"New glasses?" I'd ask with a slight raise of an eyebrow.

Matt found out the power of specs on me when he decided to ditch his contacts and spring for some new frames. Without giving away too many saucy details, let's just go with the fact that I married him (some years later).

I suppose it's telling that at least 8 people that I dated before marriage wore glasses, or needed vision-correcting devices. Some I practically begged to not take off their glasses when we'd go out.

"Don't they help you see? They look awful nice on you!" I'd plead.

I guess I never quite understood why TV and movie makers thought that removing glasses from a character was supposed to make them hot all of a sudden. Not that I think coke-bottle frames are hot. Please. I have standards.

Part of me thinks Freud would have a field day with this slight-fetish of mine. Most people in my family wear glasses. I'm one of the odd ones out with 20/20 vision. When I was a teenager, I thought about buying a pair of prescription-less frames to wear about. Those whose eyesight is less than perfect have told me I'm just crazy.
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Jennifer said...

I. Love. Glasses. SO MUCH!

I actually list them as an interest under my social network profiles :)

Carly said...

So what is it? That they look smarter and therefore sexier? Or that they'll tear them off their face and turn into a wanton sex god, like in the "Hot For Teacher" video from Van Halen? ;)

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