Friday, March 07, 2008

Twittering the Road Hazards

Alan AKA Buffalo Pundit alerted me of a another tool I can use in regards to Twitter with his post: Traffic via Twitter.

So all I need to do now is send a twitter to "@commuter JHW (insert traffic dilemma here)" to let everyone in Jamestown know why they had to wait through two lights, thus making their 10 minute commute a 12-minute ordeal. Okay. I jest.

I see this being really useful for those times when you're wondering just how bad it is on the snow ridge going up Route 60 to Dunkirk, if traffic is at a standstill on 394 because of everyone trying to get in or out of Chautauqua Institution, or if a deer has caused a massive chain reaction crash on I-86.

Of course, the only way this becomes useful is if more people sign up and contribute to the twitter knowledge pool.

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