Thursday, March 13, 2008

The New "Day One" - Monday, March 17th

While he has officially announced his resignation, Eliot Spitzer is our Governor for a few more days. I've had a range of emotions regarding what has happened over the past few days. I even compared the news of this scandal, and Spitzer's inevitable resignation, as a heartbreak.

Like so many, we had hopes when Spitzer announced he was running for governor. And when he won with over 70% of the vote, we thought that maybe this would be when New York could turn around. Hell, look at what he did on Wall Street!

Then his term began. I remained optimistic. Even with the pitfalls, I thought, "He'll find his groove. He'll find a way to make it work." I waited. I grew concerned. I wasn't feeling too good about Spitzer's ability to work with others and implement his ideas. "Where is his head at?" I wondered.

Then I wandered over to Drudge by chance at 1:30pm this Monday and found out.

Am I worried for the future of this state? Sure. I also retain some optimism. Governor-to-be David Paterson said in a press conference today that Buffalo and Western New York remain as important to him as it was to Spitzer. I believe that all of Upstate needs to hold him accountable for that statement and to not forget what the former administration had tried to begin with revitalizing the region.

Day One begins Monday at 1pm.

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