Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Julia's Brain Tries On Attention Deficit Disorder

I've got a list of different thoughts in my head. I just need to write it down and am going to blog it to show what a mess my head is today.

- I need to pick up birthday cards, use the $10 JCPenney coupon and free coupon thing for Victoria's Secret.

- I need to make sure I get the next set of quilts into the wash and that I get the bed made up tonight.

- I need to remember that the next time I want to live blog something, I can just Twitter it rather than worry about finding a computer to log onto. It'll show up in the sidebar anyway.

- Maybe I need to stop by Office Max to pick up file folder labels so I can re-use some old file folders and switch out labels on the hanging files in the old filing cabinet.

- I wonder if I can convince Matt to stop by Target on Saturday. I really need a couple new dresses and they had some cute ones that were nicely priced. It would solve some of my "What the hell am I going to wear for Mark's birthday party/Easter/3 million weddings??" issue.

- I wonder if my mom can get her friend, Ellen, to snag me the hymnal from their church so I can photocopy songs from it for a couple weddings I'm playing in over the next two years. I know photocopying music is wrong, wrong, wrong but how else am I going to get a good selection of those little tunes they sing in between the First and Second readings? Too bad St. Charles in the town of Greece still doesn't have the blue hymnals. That version had the best music.

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Lamont said...

I have hymnals...
you know the place.

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