Saturday, January 05, 2008

So Much For Dreams

We got our notice from the bank today about our escrow payments for last year and what our mortgage payments will be for 2008. Needless to say, the new number made me want to throw up a little. It's almost $80 more than last year.

Reason? A shortage in our required low point balance (whatever that is). Either way, if we pay what we owe, it'll bring our monthly payment amount down from what is estimated to be. I just love owning a house.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here. Kinda. The bank underestimated our taxes? Not sure how, but we were short $411 last year in escrow? I guess? Not sure all the jargon. All I know is our mortgage payment went up $34/month for the next year, well 10 months, now, since we were short. Stupid homeowning.

Oh and you'll be proud to hear...I've officially entered the 20th century by purchasing an ipod. I got the wimpy 4G nano while Corey went all out for the 80G classic! It's nice, so far, for turning people out at work! I've got a few albums on there. I don't want full albums on there, really, just my favorite songs. My brother has made my life easier by putting his like 20,000 song collection on disc for me :)


Lamont said...

I took have fallen victim to this "low point balance" - I keep wondering if they are the ones that underestimated the taxes should I be the one paying the bill?

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