Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our County Executive Is Blogging.. Sorta

I recently, for work purposes, had signed up for something called "The Monday Morning Memo" that Chautauqua County's Executive Greg Edwards started to do. Apparently, he was having issues with the memo being bounced when it was emailed out, so he set up a blog. You can view it at Mayville Memo.

I have to applaud the idea of a public official who is willing to use new media to keep the public informed. I don't know how often I will check in if every post is going to be "I went to this meeting the other day and then I went to another meeting, followed by this additional meeting." Having gone back and actually re-read some of those posts, there is substance there. It's just not getting the upfront attention. Common news writing mistake. Burying the lead.

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