Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fox News Lies (with proof)

Imagine turning on the television one night and seeing a story that you were dead. Realizing this was a mistake, you contacted the news organization and assured them that, in fact, you were very much alive. Then imagine that news organization saying they had it on good authority that you were dead, but would take your statement into consideration. Sound ludicrous? It's business as usual for Fox News. While they weren't erroneously reporting someone's death, they did mis-report that Paul Begala had taken a job with the Hillary Clinton campaign and continued to do so even after he told them it wasn't true.

The story complete with the email exchange between Paul Begala and Major Garrett

HT Eriepressible


Emma said...

Thanks for the hat tip. When I read the story, I literally laughed out loud at the screen while reading the e-mail exchange. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

gasaholic said...

Now, this is the first head scratcher:

"The sourcing is strong, very strong, or I wouldn't go with it."

Uh, Mr. Garrett, you are hearing from THE source, the subject himself. I would think that would kinda negate your original source, don't you?

And here is the one that makes you realize why it is referred to as "Faux News:"

"You also know, or should know, that I'm careful and don't have a reputation for pulling stories out of my ass. "

I'd stock up on the toilet paper and Preparation H if I were him......

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