Friday, January 11, 2008

Article: Artist Share Slated For Saturday At Lake Lodge

Artist Share Slated For Saturday At Lake Lodge

By Nicholas L. Dean

LAKEWOOD — A supporter of local music and art in all forms, Tara Eastman has been giving artists and supporters of art a reason to come together each month since late 2007.

‘‘We’ve had some good connections with people,’’ Eastman said about the monthly Artists Share events she has hosted at the Reg Lenna Studio Theater. ‘‘We started last September as an outreach to the arts community to build bridges. It’s really just meant to be an encouragement to local artists and musicians. That has really been the whole purpose of it.’’

On Saturday, Eastman and her ever-growing collective of artists will hold an expo of sorts at the YWCA Lake Lodge in Lakewood. While the monthly Artists Share events usually tackle only one art form or project, this weekend’s event will include visual art as well as musical performances.

Using the term ‘‘eclectic,’’ Eastman said that the mixed media event will feature everything from singer-songwriters and classical music to rap and experimental noise from such artists as Julia Ciesla-Hanley, Fred Dickson, Jonah Hathaway, Andy White, Tara Lamont, James Reed and Noisetrack. Additionally, a photography collection by photographer Megan Pop will be on display as will pieces from local crafter Danielle Pietrocarlo of Deez Accessuriez.

Director of Worship and Outreach with Westminster Presbyterian Church, Eastman partnered with the Arts Council for Chautauqua County to create a positive and supportive art appreciation group.

‘‘Artists Share is a monthly gathering of musicians, artists, photographers and people who love the arts that meet to encourage, inspire, and develop relationships in our community,’’ Eastman said of the group. ’’Artists Share provides people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to learn more about art and how they can develop the artist within. It’s my hope that more people learn about this group and become an important part of our learning and sharing arts community.‘‘

The YWCA Lake Lodge is located at 187 East Terrace Ave. in Lakewood. This Saturday’s Artists Share event is free and open to the public, and will run from 2 to 4 p.m. For more about the group or to participate in future events, contact Tara Lamont Eastman at 969-3950 or by e-mailing Next month’s event will be held on Feb. 12 and will feature the theme ‘‘Labyrinths,’’ as participants will have the opportunity to create clay finger labyrinths.

Addendum: Nick Dean's other story as featured on the Chautauqua AMP

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