Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ugly Holiday Clothing

I gave up trying to come up with something classy to wear during the holidays and dug into my sweater chest for some cheesy holiday-themed apparel.

On Christmas Eve, I wore a sweater vest I got on sale, with a coupon, and employee discount from Bon-Ton back in my college days. I'm wearing it in the picture to the right.

On Christmas day, I hauled out a sweatshirt that features a large, embroidered Precious Moment's angel that my mom bought from a co-worker when I was in high school. I epitomized a holiday "fashion don't" but I was comfortable. Maybe next year I'll find something sassy and fun to wear.


Kevin_H said...

Bill Cosby called, he wants his sweaters back.

gasaholic said...

Stealing bits of carpeting from the office again?

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