Friday, December 07, 2007

Rule #1: Don't Mess With Don Paul

One of the best things about living in Western New York is the weather. The wide variety of weather had led to a culture of fanatics who cheerfully geek out in front of their television and computer screens, checking RADAR, and what other resources are available to them.

For the average guy, the best way to find out if Lake Erie is going throw up about a foot of snow on your front yard is to turn on your television. Weather crawls will let you know of the anticipated intensity and whether you should hit up Wegman's for food or Wilson Farms for a six-pack.

Weather is a big deal around here. Apparently, the folks over at the Buffalo News don't get that. I found this out while reading the latest post by Don Paul over on Channel 4/WIVB's weather blog: Buffalo Weather Blog: Buffalo News on an anti-tv Weather Tear?

Here's the Buffalo New's Weather Blog: The Weather Vein, so you can be clued in to that nonsense.

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