Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On the Hunt for "Choffee"

One of my favorite ways to consume office coffee that's been sitting on the boilerplate too long is to add a packet of hot cocoa. It's easier to ignore the burnt aftertaste when there's chocolate involved.

This awesome concoction was developed my senior year in high school during the frigid winter months. We'd trudge into the small cafeteria, oh excuse me, the campus center, in search of caffeine and cheesy, egg bagel sandwiches.

One of the tricks to making "choffee" was sneaking it past the cashier. For some reason, the lunch ladies didn't like the idea of us paying for hot chocolate and coffee and then putting it in one cup. Maybe they thought we were mocking their hot-water-making abilities. Maybe they didn't like the idea of that carafe being unused until one of the English teachers made her way down to get a cup of herbal tea. Who knows. Either way, what we usually did was buy the hot cocoa mix, put it in a cup, and then quickly fill the cup with coffee. If we got caught, we'd feign surprise and dismay, "Oh no! I thought this was the hot water spigot!"

With the snow blowing around outside my window, it was a great treat today to find some coffee made this morning and doctor it up with some chocolate powder happiness. Here's to winter!

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Makkaio said...

Using your Y2K-sized stash of powdered hot cocoa I see.

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