Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Craving A Garbage Plate?

Hometown food goods tend to be popular gifts during the holidays for ex-patriots of Western New York. I know that Buffalo Foods does a brisk business shipping out items like Weber's Horseradish mustard and Sahlen's hot dogs.

Former Rochesterians now have a place to turn to when they have a craving for Abbott's custard or need Nick Tahoe's hot sauce to create a garbage plate. NY Style Deli specializes in a lot of food favorites for those from "Smug Town."

See the article in the business section of today's D&C for more: Garbage Plate sauce labeled with a T. for Tahou.

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Mr. Social said...

Oh gawd. Now I want one. You suck. Don't ever mention Garbage Plate in front of me again... drooling.

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