Friday, September 14, 2007


Earlier, I meant to dedicate several posts to last weekend. At least I got up one with the video from the Local Music Awards. Last weekend was amazing with the Local Music Showcase and a great Warren Riverside Chamber Orchestra concert. I started this week feeling exhausted and happy.

Life is moving fast. People have been asking me how my summer was and I keep giving them blank looks as I try to remember everything I've been up to for the past several months. I know there was a wedding, several groups of out-of-town guests, time with family, and many nights at Forte with friends. A lot of good things.

Fall will continue at a breakneck pace. Every few months, I have an almost optimistic feeling that the next season won't be quite as busy. That our weekends will free up and we'll be able to get stuff done around the house. That we won't have obligations more nights of the week than not. And that, for once, we'll be able to sit down with an unhurried feel and appreciate everything we've accomplished because we've been able to reclaim "our" time.

But one must be realistic.

The reality is that our life is full of stuff that we choose to do for the most part. I choose to play violin in several ensembles, be the secretary for an alumni chapter, do the news for a local radio station, be involved with a leadership network group, spend time with our friends, and make time for Matt. Matt, in turn, devotes a lot of time to work-related activities, a class he's taking through JCC, a personal project that involves a lot of computer time, spending time with friends, and making time for me.

It's no wonder we haven't finished painting the different rooms in our house in the 2 years we've lived there. I think I've come to a point where that doesn't upset me when I look at the grand scheme of things. Would it be nice to have stuff done? Sure. But I think I'll take the time we've made to be with friends and family over a fully painted wall.

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