Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unassuming Hostess

Several ideas are floating around in my head for a new iTunes mix, but I haven't completely nailed down the theme. The subject of this post is probably going to be the title for the mix.

The great thing about iTunes mixes is that they can be as small or large as you want. When I first got my iPod, the first thing I did was create a "WBER Vicariously" mix that featured all the music I had that I knew had been played on WBER at some point. Then I would drive around, pretending I had my own digital link to the station. Unfortunately, I haven't kept it updated and now it's more like "WBER Vicariously Circa 2003."

Last year, I started creating mixes that I actually burned to disc for one of my friends in The Unexpected Guests. That evolved into making mixes specifically for that group, even if they didn't request them, because it was fun (ahem *whispers* fan girl). Suddenly, I had a challenge to compress the list of songs buzzing in my head down to fit onto 80mb of disc space.

The latest mix, whether for them or my amusement, has boiled down to two thoughts. One is a mix of interesting covers of songs. Maybe covers that stylistically are not what you'd expect. The other thought is to do a mix of interesting sounding songs that maybe sound pretty ordinary alone, but paired up might perk someone's interest. That kind of theme is ordinary and what everyone tries to do, but it works. We'll see. I'll post it when it's done.

Addendum: I worked on it some more over lunch, and it's evolved into something that will sound perfect in my car, with the windows down, driving along a 55 mph highway, singing at the top of my lungs. Very happy with it so far. It rocks a little, shakes a little, and has a certain element of cool. No one else may like it, but it's pretty damn fine to me. Final play list forthcoming.


Galoot said...

You made some delicious mixes that were perfect for preshow, intermissiona and exit music! I have a computer that burns discs fast, but I haven't made as many mixes as I used to. I really do owe PGirl a mix of songs soon.

NickDean said...

I miss WBER.

NickDean said...

I miss WBER.

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