Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jane Says She's Going Away To Spain

Well, thankfully I didn't renew my subscription to Jane magazine. This week I received a postcard saying that Conde Nast has decided to discontinue publishing Jane, but that they think I will "love" the issues of Glamour that they will send to fulfill my subscription terms.

Are they serious??? I mean, I may not have been as big of a Jane fan after Jane Pratt left as editor, but Glamour? Do the publishers take their readers to be insipid females whose main concern is how to lose ten pounds in 7 minutes in order to fit into that size 0 dress for that happening party at the new "it" club in the city? Please. If you think I'm exaggerating, take a look at the majority of topics for Glamour's blog page.

NY Post naturally dished about this issue too.

I guess I'll stick with my Stepford-Wife-ish subscription to Real Simple and the "Polish Bible": Consumer Reports. At least there I know I'll always have a handle on what the "classic" looks are in fashion and what ballpoint pen won't die in a middle of journal writing bender.


Mr. Social said...

That's messed up. A real shocker. Boy, I am totally dumbfounded by your post. I didn't know you could read. (jk).

Kevin_H said...

This is my favorite one: Alyssacentric
Our blogger’s here to talk about guys, work, friendship, stress, C-cups—basically, anything. And she wants your opinion.

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