Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who Would Have Thought?

As we drank coffee at a cafe table outside Java's this morning, I my musings took on the form of a run-on sentence to Matt,

"If you had told me twelve and a half years ago that I would still be drinking coffee outside Java's, but no longer a Rochester resident, and would be recovering from post-wedding celebrations where Sean married Anne, where Karen Weller came as the wife of Mike Burns, that Heidi brought Ryan as her date, that Julie B. would be married and pregnant, that Sarah R. would have married the younger brother of another classmate, that most of the wedding was like one big IHS reunion, and that I would have married an out-of-towner and stayed in that out-of-town, well, that would have seemed completely crazy to me."

Matt looked at me for a moment, and added, "You forgot to say that you would instrumental in setting up the guy you were head over heels about your senior year in high school with one of your best friends, and that they would, 12 and a half years later, be married."

"That's exactly what I was getting at," I replied. "Isn't it great when everything turns out as it should?"

Congratulations to Sean and Anne for finally taking the plunge after 12 years of courtship!

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battlemaiden said...

Yay, they finally did it! We had a blast.

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