Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Air Bud is REALLY About

Matt was flipping through tv channels this morning and paused on Air Bud: Spikes Back. I wasn't paying much attention until I caught the end of a scene where the main teenage girl character stares mournfully at the sold sign on a house, flashing back to her best friend who had apparently moved away.

"That's not a 'I miss my friend' look she just had!" I said. "I thought this was a kids movie."

Scenes with much sighing, endless crying, staring longfully out the window, listless laying on the bed, sorrowful visits to places the two girls had hung out together followed.

This all culminated in the girl skulking in the window, waiting for the postman. He delivers the treasured post card from the lover who now lives on the other side of the county. The lead female, in turn, grabs it and does some speed before joining her family in the kitchen. Okay, she didn't take speed but the manic-hyper-happiness she exhibits makes me question who these kid actors have on speed dial on their cells.

Fortunately, the new next door neighbor is introduced. Of course he's a hot, curly haired boy whose sole purpose in the movie is to metaphorically deflower the nubile lesbian.

And then Matt changed the channel.

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Galoot said...

I remember, about 11 years back, watching a "kids" movie called "Heavyweights" on the Disney Channel. Normally, I don't touch that stuff, but somehow I was compelled to watch. When Ben Stiller showed up a third of the way in, I decided to stick around. I'd been a big fan of his television show on Fox and figured he was worth watching. As marketed, the film was about a fat camp that is taken over by a motivational health speaker, but it was more subversive than that. Turns out, it was written by Judd Apatow, who would go on to work on Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, The 40-Year Old Virgin and much more. I've tried not to judge books by their covers ever since. I wonder how many layers "High School Musical 2" will have?

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