Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fictional Family

I've followed For Better, Or For Worse diligently since I was in elementary school. It was around the time that I figured out that Michael and I were the same age that I felt a connection to the comic strip. We even both went into a similar profession after school, even though our lives have deviated quite a bit over the years.

When I was in college and didn't have daily access to a newspaper, I would call my mom and get caught up on all the story lines. Sometimes other friends or relatives will catch us talking about the strip and say, "Who is this you're talking about? Someone Julie is friends with?" That's how much we love the strip.

So when I saw today's strip, my reaction of, "YES!!!!" was appropriate. What a great line by Anthony! Maybe Liz and him will finally be together, as they should have been all these years. These are the things that turn me to mush.


Becky said...

April was "born" a few months before my daughter, so it made it even easier to follow than before.

So it goes without saying that I think April should enter a convent and become a special needs teacher!

Galoot said...

FBFW is the first or second strip I check online or in the paper every day (the alternate is Funky Winkerbean). Today's strip reminded me of a great scene from "My So Called Life" when Jordan Catalano holds hands with Angela Chase in the school hallway.

Julia said...

Funky Winkerbean is my other favorite, although I haven't been reading it that long.

Nice "My So Called Life" reference. Isn't that the scene where she looks down at their hands, looks at him, then gets that goofy Angela smile/look on her face as they walk down the hall? I loved that show.

mitchgib said...

Yea ! Liz and Anthony !
I have been hoping and hoping !
I am such a nerd !

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