Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Metaphors That In Theory Don't Work

I spent an inordinate amount of time considering the phrase "drink like a fish" today. I'm not a marine biologist, but I didn't have the impression that fish actually drank water. Sure, they use the water to aspirate, but I didn't think they guzzled it down. So it might make more sense to say "drinks like a drunkard."

The whole aspirate thing got me thinking of another phrase people use in reference to fresh air, and other sensory-things. "She/he drank in the (fill in blank with non liquid reference)." Consider I'm standing outside in the fresh air. If I go by the metaphorical logic that I'm "drinking in the fresh air" like a fish aspirates water, then I could be considered drunk. But it being that I'm referencing air, it means I'm drunk on a gas. So wouldn't it be more appropriate to say, "She was high on the fresh air" as opposed to "She was drunk with the fresh air around her" or however you'd write it?

I think I need better distractions.

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battlemaiden said...

The answer to this is, "drink more beer."

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