Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Blog-i-versary

Here's to SIX years of ramblings on In Java, Literally.... Let's give a quick run down of all that has happened then in my personal life:
  • Changed jobs three times
  • Got engaged/married
  • Bought a house
  • Got two dogs
  • Met many new, cool people
  • Mourned the loss of some friends and family members
  • Replaced a car
  • Started doing the news again on the radio
  • Changed radio stations
  • Became more violinistically involved with several music groups
  • Made up a new word "violinistically"
  • Had so much fun and heartache, that it's difficult to measure or summarize in a short list


battlemaiden said...

Has it really been SIX years? Wow! Congratulations! I know you've inspired many bloggers after you...

Kevin said...

Wow, six years is pretty unbelievable. It practically predates blogs, so congratulations!

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