Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Important Message for the Buffalo Sabres

This video was produced before Monday's game, but it still resonates for Wednesday night.

Our friend/sportscaster/Red Sox Fan, Kevin Carroll, predicted well before the play-offs began that the Sabres would be down 3 games in the series before the Stanley Cup.

"It's gonna play just like the Red Sox-Yankee series. Buffalo is going to be down three games but they're gonna come back and win four in a row, and then sweep the Stanley Cup series."

We laughed at that statement then, but half of that statement represents our only hope. And, yes, I know I just broke practically all the rules of superstition by mentioning several unmentionable words.

(HT Buffalo Pundit)

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Kevin_H said...

Get that kid some skates, pads, and a stick AND GET HIM THE DAMN PUCK!!!

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