Sunday, March 11, 2007

Warren Civic Orchestra Concert - March 18th

The Warren Civic Orchestra will be performing a Memorial/Tribute Concert to the late Dr. Jaropolk Lassowsky at 4 PM, Sunday, March 18th at the Struther's Library Theatre in Warren, PA.

The concert will feature pieces arranged by Dr. Lassowsky including a suite by Debussy, Variations on La Folia, and a Flute Quartet. Also featured will be the first and fourth movements of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Admission is free and a reception will be held at the theatre at the conclusion of the performance.


I approach every concert with some trepidation. As stated many times, I'm not overly comfortable performing, even with a group. Practicing generally doesn't ease my worries. Invariably, I will take my seat on stage in my concert dress and I find that my fingers have turned to ice, accompanied by sweaty-palm syndrome. My throat dries up and my jaw clenches with concentration. Fortunately, I have found one thing that manages to relax me some, but doesn't look so great to the audience. Chewing gum. A year ago, or more, I found that chewing gum helps my jaw relax and allows me focus better on the music in front of me. This goes for rehearsals too. I prefer Orbit because the pieces are not so small that they evaporate in my mouth, and not so large that it seems like I'm gnawing away on my cud.

This concert is a week later than originally scheduled. It would have been today, but due to several rehearsals being canceled due to our glorious winter weather, it had to be moved up a week. Assuming there are no further plans for ice, snow, and winter malaise this coming weekend, my parents are coming down to hear me play and bringing two Great-Aunts. Due to the distance of Warren from Rochester, NY; they've never heard the Warren Orchestra. I'm guessing they will be delighted. I also have a couple friends in Warren that are hoping to come as well. It's always nice to have familiar faces in the audience and it's also nice to have newcomers there as well. I invite you to join the crowd for this free event!

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Mr. Social said...

Ah yes, we string musicians can be a bit high strung at times. I wish I was playing classical again... either Clef.

Loved the banner in the post picture under the marquee. Maybe I should join a tribute band. Then I'd "Feel Like a Woman."

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