Friday, January 05, 2007

Delayed Train of Thought

So how about that execution, eh? It's odd to me that Saddam Hussein is dead. He's been this awkward part of our lives for so long, that I almost feel like I'm going to miss having him and his bad arse ways around. Like he'd be the black sheep of the family that gets wheeled out in a Hannibal Lector suit anytime any pundit needed to make a point about why we invade countries that have crazed dictators. Thanks to endless file footage, we still can I guess. Hell, he was already dead in South Park's first post-911 episode. I'm anti-death penalty if you haven't guessed already.


Kevin_H said...

Yeah, I'm sure all the family/friends of the people Hussein butchered and posioned were thinking that too.

Julia said...

Humorous sarcasm, my dear.

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