Friday, December 08, 2006

The Future Careers of Julia (In Her Next Life)

Those of us who complain about our jobs on a weekly basis, raise your hands. Yes, even you in the back row, don't hide.

In honor of it being 4 o'clock on a Friday, here is an inspiration from EriePressible and Slave to Mr. Stinny.

The "other" careers of Julia (in her next life):

1. Coffee Shop Owner
2. Writer
3. Travel Adviser (despite travelocity/expedia/etc. making this not so wise a choice)
4. Librarian
5. Wegmans Consultant
6. Independent Record Store Owner (even though the Internet & mp3s are making this obsolete)
7. Radio News Reporter (I know, I know.. I've already done this.. it's worth doing again)
8. Online News Magazine/Newspaper Journalist with audio feeds
9. Housewife minus the kids (I know! How very 1950s of me!)
10. Radio Announcer for some music program like the one Alan Cross does on CFNY

As I pondered this list, I realized that I probably should step up and try to do one of these since I am young and fabulous. Here's to a more idealized Julia in the future!


adrienne said...

Personally, I love being a librarian. :)

skb said...

I can't imagine why you'd ever say such a thing... Hey time you're in town, we'll have you AND Adrienne over for a game night. If you can schedule us in again. ;)

adrienne said...

Well, you know, the patrons are dumb and everything, but I like being around all those books and office supplies all day.

This game night sounds like a good plan. :)

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