Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In Dream Land...

I started a new job this week. Between that and the usual suspects known as Julia's other quirks of life, I am being pretty neglectful of this blog. I like keeping the blog. It's been a constant since June 2001. But if I seem to drift away for weeks at a time these few months it's only because my days are running 4am until 9pm in some cases. 1 paid job, 1 dream job, 2 orchestras, an alumni group, and other tiddly bits. So until the next little break in my life, here is a favorite quiz result:

Amelie: a Definitive Character Quiz

You are Amelie Poulain! At least, you should be. You have a whole movie named after you and apparently, you like green and red. Most likely, you are quiet, shy, but into helping people. It starts off with Bretodeau and heads into helping more people. But, what about you, petite Amelie? Live. It is a difficult time for dreamers. And you most likely will find your soul mate in people like, Nino. Quinze, indeed.
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Zubalove said...

I was checking my comments from my blog and saw that you posted. You wouldn't happen to have worked at Seabreeze in '95?

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